James Beard Foundation Visit II

My visit to New York for the Bluegrass dinner at the James Beard House was the first of three this summer. The second came in early May. We had been nominated again for an award  and so, sisters in tow, I returned to the Colonial House Inn in Chelsea. We had the same room, it’s windows thrown open to catch the breezes and to better view the big, gothic Lutheran church across the street. With a salsa station on the radio and the occasional PBR tallboy from the corner store I would have been quite content to just camp for a day or two. But we had other obligations. There was the Chefs’ Night Out Gala hosted by Bon Apetit. There was  lunch at Butter for the Southern Foodways Alliance and a lovely cocktail party given by the French Culinary Institute in an apartment 56 floors up overlooking Lincoln Center. It was there that I was introduced to Jacque Pepin. Then on to the awards. Sean Brock of McCready’s in Charleston won in our category. I was happy to see friends Jessica Harris and Leah Chase honored for their career achievements. It was great to see lots of old friends at the party afterward, but it is such a mob scene that we soon retreated back to Chelsea for cheeseburgers and nachos at Trailer Park. The real show was a month away.

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